= Exterior wood stain shortages =

I'm extending my cabin's porch. Went to get some dark walnut tint wood stain at Home Depot. Nothing fancy. Just a quart can of the Minwax brand or something similar, like I've purchased dozens of times..

All they had was
*interior* stain, but they did have gallon paint buckets of "deck stain" for around 50 bucks a pop. No big deal. Went to Lowe's. See situation there. Hmmm..

My girlfriend went to Walmart and Ace Hardware today. No exterior stain there either

I googled "exterior wood stain shortage", but just go results about the lumber shortages from the last couple years.is going on? I live in the Cincinnati area

It's part of paint shortages. Been a thing for around two years now. Part of it labour related, part of it materials related and part of it was because of that Texas freeze. Most the paint and chemicals were manufactured in factories down there that need to haveamounts of pipe torn up and replaced/repaired. Sherwin Williams has been out of some products like their emminence ceiling paint for so long, they're now telling people they've discontinued it rather than admit they can't get their manufacturing back up to speed

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