= Sanding only (no scraping) on exterior paint job for wood house? =

I had a botched exterior paint job last fall. The company didn't do adequate prep (minimal scraping), sloppy trim, missed caulking, splattered paint, etc. They failed to correct the issues after three "attempts" and we both walked away from the contract (I paid 1/3 down)

Someone from Nextdoor repaired some brick on my front steps. He gave a quote for re-painting the house but said sanding would be easier/better. Will sanding only truly get all the flaking paint off? His quote is fantastic so I am a little nervous and don't want to get myself in another pinch

Pics show patches I scraped after the botched paint job:

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*could* do the trick, but you would do well to be very clear about your expectations: Just removing the flaking paint vs. making all the siding smooth. The latter would be aof an undertaking for just sanding (as opposed to doing a lot of scraping) and I would be a little skeptical if that's what they said they could do for a cheap price

I am not a paint expert BUT. We bought our house in 2017 and knew we needed to paint or side it eventually. After getting quotes 4-5x what it would cost to paint we went with painting…. Got the house painted last year and I am happyish. They barely scraped and merely power washed.Color is great but it’s already flaking in some spots. LESSON LEARNED, scrape theout of your bad paint. It needs a good base! Wood will last as long as you take care of it
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