= The Nissan Z is making paint finishes look smaller (or more HD), and it looks awesome! =

i was the one who reported this bug around the beginning of this season. it's in the known issues list and they'll probably fix it at some point in the future. guessing it's not high on the priority list

then again, neither are server issues

so on that token, the z car's display of paint finishes will probably fixed sooner. :D
i liked the carbon fiber, bling, and straight line finishes in "ridiculously small" paint finish mode. most of the rest (of the paint finish patterns that i have on my account) look totally wrong to me as the patterns just aren't designed to be displayed that small, hence why i actually reported this bug ("brushed metal" springs to mind -- can't see it in hardly any of the lighting on the main menu for example). on quite a few of them, you'd need a super high resolution monitor and the eyesight of a 5 year old to be able to see them, if at all

I reported an issue with the Animus GP a year ago? *Checks unlisted YouTube video showing the issue for the devs* Ah, June 2021. Correct

Pretty sure I just got lip service - think it never even got put on the known issues list

Easiest way to explain is look at any decal that travels back to front. It does that, until it hits the spoiler. it goes from front to back on the underside of the fin, and then continues back to front on top

It's not always terrible, but noticeable with something like Formation. Unfortunately, it looks like outrighton something like Discoid because that means it's rotating the wrong way on the top side

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