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= Neighbors house paint crew overspray ruined my cars paint finish =

My neighbors HOA hired a paint crew to paint the outside of their 3 story building. This morning, when I was about to take the car out, I noticed the entirety of my car (parked on my property) is covered in paint specks

I got a repair estimate from a local detailer and they said it would be around 1500-2000 dollars to correct my car's paint. I called the manager of the company and they said they are not responsible for damage caused to other cars. I would prefer to resolve this without taking a legal route but I was wondering if I have a chance if I take them to (small claims?) court. Is there anything I should document right now in preparation for that? Should I contact the HOA or the paint company? I'd rather deal with the HOA as the paint company might not be a legitimate business (ie 3 guys working out a van) but not sure what the HOAs liability is. Or should I just work with my car insurance? I worry about my rates going up if I do and my deductible is $2k so not sure if it even makes sense. Background information is I live in Seattle, WA

Their contract might state they are not responsible for overspray. This would only apply to damage done to your neighbors property, unless they somehow got you to agree to sign the contract as well

Their contract might say the neighbor is responsible for overspray in which case you would need to go after the neighbor too

Yeah, that’s what I told the painting company as they might have thought that I was part of the HOA initially. I will ask them a copy of the contract - thanks for that suggestion

Also in a lawsuit basically just go after anyone that might be liable. Paint company, neighbor, HOA, etc. Then have the courts figure out how to split blame
Call the HOA next door and see if they will give you a copy of the painting company's insurance certificate. With that you will have the info for their insurance company and can call the claim into the company directly

Might not even have to do that. I'd call my auto insurance and give them the paint company info and let them go after them for it. Granted my comprehensive deductible is only $100. Though, often you can get your deductible back once your insurance goes after the at fault side

Edit to add: of course this assumes OP has comprehensive coverage

I called the manager of the company and they said they are not responsible for damage caused to other cars

They can make that statement, but that doesn't make it true. They likely are responsible for over spray

That said, have you spoken with a local auto detailer? It's pretty amazing what a good detailer can pull off

Thanks, I don't agree with them eschewing responsibility but I have a feeling they will fight this and that's wy this might end up in court

I did speak to an auto detailer (happens to be one down the road from me). The detailer inspected the damage and gave me a quote for $2k. They said it will take 2-3 days to get rid of all the over spray and the surface of my vehicle is large (it's a 3 row SUV)

[Dude holding the spray gun] “I don’t know where that paint came from, not my fault.”

[Dude holding the spray gun] “I don’t know where that paint came from, not my fault.”

Your best option is to make a claim with the HOA. Then they would have the option to ask for recompense from the paint company that they hired. The paint company was acting as their agent. If they refused you you would likely have toin small claims court and typically you would name both the paint company and the HOA. The HOA should pay out though if they speak to a lawyer which would be an easy case that they are responsible. At which point it would cost them more to fight it then to just pay it and then try and get reimbursed by the paint company
File suit against both jointly. Otherwise, each can just point responsibility at the other

Justthem all jointly, don't tell them you plan on suing them. Just try to get as much info and documentation as possible before they get the notice

I did but nothing I clearly noticed. I will take a closer look in the morning. Thanks for the suggestion

For what it’s worth, my neighbor just painted their four-story building and their painters came and covered everything in my backyard with plastic to ensure there was no damaging splatter

I don’t see how your neighbor’s company can deny legal responsibility for splatter

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