= Hoping someone can help me decide on the value of my CX500. I’m thinking of posting it for sale. Just finished doing the “triple bypass” on it, it runs and rides great and I just finished painting the tank with House of Kolor candy apple red and their 3K clear coat. =

When it comes to these bikes, I’m assuming no matter the claims, no matter how great it looks, I’m assuming I will need to dump some money into it. So, anything north of 3k makes me leery

Under 3k and it’s fits what I’m looking for, I’ll take the risk

That said, your bike looks great

In my area (Detroit), for $3,000 you can get a UJM already cafe'd out & in immaculate shape with absolutely nothing wrong with it. I see plenty of bikes less than 10 years old for around 3500. Personally, 2k is my limit on a bike that I most likely going to have to dumpof money into

I’ve done a Kawasaki 650 cafe racer bike was non runner it’s all done thing is with custom bikes it’s only worth what someone’s willing