r/mildlyinfuriating - I tore my rotator cuff so my husband told me he’d finish the interior painting on our downstairs. He says he’s done.

r/MadeMeSmile - My sister, who is at my house painting one of the bedrooms, sent me this for approval

r/InteriorDesign - I was fortunate enough to acquire this LVT flooring from work to help renovate my house with. I’m a 25yo M with no experience in design or matching up paint colors with other finishes. I was thinking light gray. Can someone on this sub help me?

r/Gouache - Finally i finished the painting with me video! Thanks for all the support in the posts! This original painting it’s still available, so if you want to have it in your house it’s just dm me :)

r/legaladvice - Neighbors house paint crew overspray ruined my cars paint finish

r/RocketLeague - The Nissan Z is making paint finishes look smaller (or more HD), and it looks awesome!

r/explainlikeimfive - ELI5: How do they make the different finishes for paint? Gloss, satin, matte etc?

r/teenagers - Just finished painting my house, very epic 😎👍

r/painting - My grandfather finished painting the mural for the nursery today at our house.

r/CafeRacers - Hoping someone can help me decide on the value of my CX500. I’m thinking of posting it for sale. Just finished doing the “triple bypass” on it, it runs and rides great and I just finished painting the tank with House of Kolor candy apple red and their 3K clear coat.

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