= I’m currently buying a house and noticed the house exterior siding panels (plastic) have like stains on them. (It’s not every where) The stains are like rusty color and the siding panels are light yellow. Is there a way to clean them to rid of those stains without needing to replace them? =

I’m first time home buyer so bear with me

If they are rust stains, pressure-washing might remove them. You can also try a commercial rust-removal solution that contains oxalic acid. Or, of course, you can hire a company that cleans siding. But, there's no guarantee that anything will work, until you try

Be careful when pressure washing. I found out years ago that the older aluminum siding is only paintedand came close to doing visible damage w/ a pressure washer. I still used the pressure washer but more to rinse the soapy water I had added and then broomed

Vinyl siding is better but I’m still careful to avoid full force because of another siding issue with a pressure washer in that South facing siding can get very fragile after years in the direct sun but not look it. But I still use the pressure washer, just carefully

First if you have irrigation look at where the heads are versus the rust stain because if there is a lot of iron in your water you get rust stains on your house ,now go buy some CRL at the store and wipe it on a small area to see if it works and doesn’t mess with the siding ,good luck
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