= Can you run cat5 cable (flat type) behind exterior house siding that's the panel/sheet type, ie NOT vynil/wood/cement clapboard? Is this practical or easier than within studs? =

More interested if it's practical/doable/easier than within studs. Not necessarily if it's code (I assume it is). Or if anyone has done this

I'm looking into installing security cameras on my house potentially in the future and am wondering about running the cat5 cabling. My house is two stories so cameras under the soffits aren't as practical as it gives too much of an overhead view. Having them lower at ~1 story up would make ID and seeing faces easier. The attic is unfinished and will have zero insulation as I'm having the insulation replaced. Also, there is a straight trunk from attic to. So it will be very easy to run cable throughout the attic & soffit with the insulation gone. The electrician will up there installing cable and exterior flood lights too. Figured it would be the best time to run ethernet cable even if I don't install cameras right away

It seems like running the cabling through the top plate, within the studs with batt insulation, through sillplate, and within ledgerboard would be much more work. Plus, cutting drywall inside the house to drill through firestops and sillplates. Running it behind siding like vinyl would be real easy, which I assume most would do

Would running the ethernet cable behind 4x8 sheet panel siding be possible? Probably easier if flat cable is used. Is cable frequently installed behind flat or cement clap boards, with removing one board? Could you pull the panel out a 1/4" and nail it back?
Saw someone mention they charge $200 per cable pull, which seems reasonable if someone is crawling in hotattic, having to really snake the cable within walls, cut drywall, etc. But for future proofing, seems a bit expensive as if I don't end up installing cameras

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