= Applying Ledgerstone to Cracked, Painted Stucco Exterior Wall =

I'd like to tile over a stucco wall in my backyard with ledgerstone. I live in Los Angeles, no freeze thaw cycles out here. Ambient air temps over the year range from the low 50's/high 40's to the 100's. There's a couple of issues that I'll need to sort out that I need some advice on

The stucco was painted over. What's the appropriate surface prep here? Sand off the paint? Wall is cinderblocks under stucco over it

There are two large top to bottom cracks in a section of the wall between cinderblocks. The blocks have pulled away from each other over time. The crack in the stucco is noticeable, but under the stucco I believe the gap between the cinderblocks is quite large (based on looking down from the top where I can see the top cinderblock since the top wasn't stucco-ed over), something on the order of a half an inch to an inch gap

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