= How to paint a fake wood deck?? I’m renting this house and the ( concrete?)deck is paintedbrown”( with bubbles) - What paint is commonly used in Thailand for exterior floors? =

Roof paint would probably work very well. Very tough and holds up to constant sun and rain. I put some on a cement portion of a walkway several years ago and it looks like new. No chipping, peeling, fading, or other wear or tear

Alternatively, but much more expensive, would be a two part epoxy paint

Roof paint is good. Epoxy floor coating doesn't like UV much and is only for indoors afaik

I’m mainly researching at this point - trying to find an uncomplicated (reversible) option - I’m allowed to paint (…walls not sure about the deck though) I’m also looking into pvc tiles and wooden tiles - it get’s really hot in the sun that’s whywould be ideal…
Those look like fiber cement planks. You should use fiber cement paint. httpswww.homepro.co.th/m/p/1004040?lang=th&gclid=CjwKCAjw6raYBhB7EiwABge5KnGdfMVe9V0K9yXumgOsaNfdM9w05mNXHaxnlrJwtgFdE_H2AobBTBoCk-IQAvD_BwE
-UPDATE- The manager of the property loves the idea and agrees that the floor is really shabby and I can paint itif I want to :) awesome news! 😊 Thanks for all the helpful tips & doomsday scenarios!
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