= Help on advice to the cheating painter who painted our house exterior =

Hello everyone,
About three weeks ago, I got all my house exterior painted. The painter was referred by one senior employee "P" from a local paint store with good reviews

Before painting, we already agreed to use a good paint grade ("Regal") and got it written down on the contract, as well as some other painting details like coatings and washing, caulking etc. At the beginning of painting (one morning around the middle last month), the painter showed us with 5 gallon "Regal" bucket. We trusted him

The painting took about 3 days ( first day power wash, the next two days painting). When the painting was finished, I just asked my wife checked the painting status and then paid him. After that, I noticed some places like some area of the door edges and screen room wood wall need to be touched up. Also, I found one interesting thing, after a few days of painting, my daughter had a party in the backyard. A post was placed on the front siding wall of the house with paint tape to tell the kids to go to the backyard from the side of housing. When the party was over and I tried to remove the post and paint tape, some paint was peeled away from the wall. That made feel why it happened that way

Since I had been busy recently and the paint store close early in the day time, I didn't find a time to go to the paint store to buy the paint to do the touch up for the above places until in the past Saturday (yes, it sounds funny). I talked the one young employee (let's call him "A") about the story and asked him to checked the painter's purchase record to buy the same paint sheen for the door. BTW, the employ "A" also knew the painter. I also asked him to check if the painter purchased the "Regal" grade. To my surprise, he said the painter didn't purchase that grade ("Regal") in the last two month and also confirmed that guy never purchased that grade "Regal" under his account. He confirmed the painter bought an appropriate amount of paint with the same color for my house during my painting days last month and but didn't want to tell me more details and show me the transaction record. He said he felt sorry for my story and gave me two gallons with same low grade the painter used (one for door and one for house) for free for my touch up

I feel very unhappy and uncomfortable about this. The young employ "A" also said that painter did a lot of painting always with that low grade paint for the local community and he also wondered if someday someone might come to the store to complain about that painter. I believe the painter just used the "Regal" grade paint bucket and pour the low grade paint inside to show us at the beginning of the painting for our house. I really don't want to let the painter to go away that easily and he might feel he is smart and continue doing similar cheating things to other people

I understand one key thing is the proof and the store doesn't want to disclose the painter's (their customer) transaction to me (I hadn't go to the store again to talk to the senior employee "P" or store manager who referred the painter to me). The painter hired two Mexican guys to do the painting and I don't think he has an office. I only have his phone #. Before I know how to deal with it, I guess it's not wise to tell him that I had found out his cheatingit might scare him away and blocked me in his phone

I really appreciate any good suggestions on this case. It's my first time meeting this

I am sorry for such a long writing and Thanks so much for your help

I’m not sure what state you’re in but most state AG’s offices have an office of consumer protection (sometimes under a slightly different name). They handle consumerclaims, including claims against contractors. It’s worth reaching out. If they make a criminal case out of it (this is probablyand illegal), they can get you restitution as a victim of the crime. It’s a long process and sometimes thedoesn’t have money for restitution but it’s worth a shot
I'm a house Painter. Ugh, I've worked for a few people like this. One bough cheapand put it in an old 5 gallon bucket marked Ben Moore, lied to the customer of course. It. They did a lot of corner cutting to make an extra buck. I finally gotof all that, the harassment at work (I'm a girl, apparently we don't belong in that industry). Recently, I found a company where I finally make good money, get my vacation whenever I want, and am always employee of the month! (I started my own business But seriously, if you can prove he didn't use what he claimed he did, fight him on it. It's. And since covid, everyone seems to want work done on their homes. Painters and contractors are so busy a lot, not all, are cheaping out on projects to get them done faster so they canover the next person. Good luck. Thisme off

Thanks very much WeeOoh for sharing. I will try my best and see how it will turn out. It’s a pity that many business people don’t care their credit

The painter hired two Mexican alike guys to do the painting and I don't think he has a office

Mexicans do better work than anyone

Most big respected construction companies use Mexicans

Actually I didn’t mention some other details in this story. When the painting was finished, since I was not at home, I suggested my wife to ask them if they can leave the remaining paint for us, the two paint workers said ok and already left the paint in front of our house. But just after a few minutes my wife found the paint were gone and taken away and the paint owner said they are all used up. We doubted it. Yes, I have a good feeling about Mexican workers and they’re very nice

In theory, if you have a contract, you could file a legal suit. You would likely have to get a subpoena to get receipts as proof. In reality, this is almost certainly not worth it. You have no solid proof on your end, getting the proof through the court process is unlikely to be easy or quick, and even if you manage to get proof, your damages are going to be limited to whatever the difference in cost is between the "Regal" paint and whatever paint he used

Unfortunately, the most you can realistically do is take this as a lesson. When hiring contractors, if you're going to hire one of these semi-professional guys, separate out the labor and materials. Buy the materials yourself, or put it in the contract that you want to be given receipts for the materials before you will pay for them. Or, pay a lot more and hire a legitimate company with a physical presence, licenses, insurance, etc

Leave a bad review if the guy has a presence on any of the review sites, leave a review for the paint store warning people not to trust their painter recommendations (hopefully this will get them to stop recommending that guy), accept that you got ripped off, and move on with life. Everybody has to learn things the hard way from time to time

The damages would be the cost of getting the work re-done to the contract specifications
Thanks for your reply. Yes it’s certainly a lesson. Didn’t expect the painter is so snaky even he’s referred by a reputable store. I am thinking to go back to the store to talk to the senior guy or maybe the manager to see if they can give any impact to that painter

Just don’t know if some things can be done to get this scam behavior paid so that he would be cautious in the future

I would ask the painter to come by your place to take a look at a small problem. When he shows, sit him down and tell him (don’t ask him), “Look. I know you didn’t use Regal paint for my job, because you haven’t bought any Regal paint in the past months. All I want is for you to repaint the house with the paint I’ve already paid you to use. If you don’t, I willyou in small claims court for the value of the paint job, and you will lose. I have all the proof to bury you on this.” My guess is he will do the repaint job with the proper materials. And if not, go ahead and take him to Small Claims Court. The cost to file is usually around $25

In small claims court, I guess I’ll still need to show the proof which I’m not sure of I’ll get it from the store. The store guy said he didn’t want to be in trouble

What I feel is, the store has no obligation to supply me the receipt. They don’t want to be sued

Tell him it’s pealing and you need the proof of material purchase for a warranty claim through regal. Then ask for his contractors license number and his workers compensation information. If he doesn’t have any of that go and complain to the paint store again, ask why they recommended a dodgy contractor

You could also find his truck and pour a 5 gal bucket of regal inside it…
I might mention the peeling part of I get a chance talking to him. I am pretty sure if I mention the receipt he’ll get away

I guess you are saying to ask the painter. If so, I believe he might ignore it or play disappearing because he know what it means to him

Never agree to pay the full amount until the entire job is finished and inspected. Also, don't hyper busy your schedule when they are working, look around, talk to them and if you don't like the work, kindly talk about what you want. Sincerely, Karen. Who was burnt by contactors

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