= Is it fine to use agloss exterior paint on the interior side of the windows and doors? =

I have used Dulux weathershield on the exterior or windows and doors and have plenty of it left. It seems to be a water based paint

Is it fine to use it on the inside part of the windows and doors? So I don’t waste it

It is absolutely fine

Just be aware that, unless you want to do all the surrounding woodwork throughout your hallway it may have a different finish to the interior stuff you may have opted for throughout the house?
Ask me how I know! 😆
It should be OK but it might not look great as water based glosses just don't usually have as nice a finish as an oil based gloss. The biggest issue might be the off gassing of the paint as they're different for interior and exterior paints because they're made of slightly different stuff. I doubt it willanyone but have a look at the safety sheet to see if anything mentions it (word of warning they don't usually make a lot of sense unless you have a PhD in chemistry)

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