= More build progress added a warmer lighting zone, painted the exterior, trenched & ran fiber to the house server rack, roughed in a 4.2 sound system downstairs and 7.2.2 upstairs. Next up is installing a 2-zone 36k mini split. =

There is the link to the full build thread in the description: httpswww.garagejournal.com/forum/threads/the-delta-garage-24x40-in-north-carolina.479089/page-7
4 channel OS2 Single Mode LC/LC, military grade/tactical armored fiber. Went 4x just for redundancy.Chased it with 2x CAT-6 just for backup gigabit + redundancy. Ubiquiti 16 port POE switches on both ends

Data wise, pretty boring. I’ve got a substantial Plex setup in the house server rack that I wanted clean communication from. Otherwise just APs, cameras, and networked hifi gear. Once completed, the main house (living room, back porch) and garage (garage bays, living space upstairs, and adjacent back yard) can all be linked for seamless audio, or divided into multi-zone, and all in-wall iPad controlled. That was a big request from my wife for summer parties

Probably not an exhilarating response as to the data TX needs lol

If you look here you’ll see the upstairs (looking towards the back of the building). At the end of the gable is the wall dividing the bathroom. Mini split head will go on that wall, control wires going up and out the back and drain line going down through the floor and running out the side of the building along the i-beams

Perhaps you could square off an area and do something