= Looking for exterior paint and roof color suggestions for house with stone =

Thank God you are keeping the stone. Someone near me flipped a house and painted over all the stone/ got rid of the earthy tones and did black and
*obviously* lol it looks terrible. the stone with earth tones is so timeless to me. I wouldn’t go with cool tones if you’re keeping the stone :) personally I would do a creamy offand a rich brown trim, garage door. Carriage style lights. Think pottery barn

My wife and I are looking to do an overhaul of our house's exterior that includes new roof, gutters and painting the siding, soffits and trim. We plan on leaving the stone and garage door as-is, but would be open to painting the garage door too

We don't like the current amount of beige. It just feels too bland. We're currently thinking of contrasting the stone with something like a charcoal color and a darker colored roof. We've noticed we like the look of darker colors with lighter trim, but we're not sure about it with the stone

We'd appreciate any suggestions on colors. Should we lean into the natural colors of the stone and try to work in some browns, oranges or reds? or stick with a true grey? or are dark colors are terrible idea?
If it's helpful, we also plan on eventually getting rid of the yew bushes, so more of the stone will likely be exposed

I like the yew bushes. It makes it all very classic and established. But sometimes they do get too close to the house. It's always a balancing act of updating and keeping the character. Maybe keep some of the bushes if possible?
I don't mind the suggestion of a creamywith rich brown trim. But I also am feeling a sagey green with dark green trim. That way you can go any sort of roof color and the green would look great with that lovely stone. It's a calming and regal house that would be well suited with a green palette. You could throw in an earthy orange door for contrast although I would lean towards a natural wood door. (I like to think of all the potential future holiday/seasonal decor)
Definitely try a mock up of your two top choices

I think a sage or moss green would look great. The roof could go tan or dark. I’d paint the garage door the same as the trim so it doesn’t stand out so much. The biggest change you can make is the landscaping. The boxy hedges make the house look squat. Personally I’d put more money into a really great landscape. A small wall to hide the trash cans would also be a good idea. The drive might also benefit from a power wash

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