= Can anybody give me some feedback on my predicted startup costs/revenue/costs/profits? It’s for a resort; estimated average of 1.25 people per house per day. If anybody wants me to explain what parts mean, just ask. =

Not sure if this is too much or if it will be appreciated but in my experience If it were up to me me or if you need investors they will want to see a monthly breakout of expenses and profits to see cash flow, time to breakeven, and breakdowns of eachcategory so you can understand where the big expenses are, what’s variable, what’s fixed etc. the goal is to have an estimated full P&L for at least 24 months. It helps you understand the business on a whole new level. Hope that helps!
Start with the basics and format your spreadsheet properly. MAKE NO ASSUMPTIONS and label your columns. It will force you to make sure things add up and make sense. Put a quantity, rate/cost and total ALWAYS. If you add a column for that you will see your units are out of whack. Maintenance says 100000 / 100000 and house says 5 / 125000

Format the cells so there are commas in the numbers, so hard to read

Take a screenshot instead of a picture of your screen

Sorry I am OCD. You're welcome I am OCD

I’m not asking for feedback on how the spreadsheet looks, I’m asking for feedback on, as my post says, the predicted costs/revenue/profit. I don’t think it’s that hard to read, anyway. It says what the number of houses/shops I’ll build, the costs for decorating the houses, the number of employees I’ll have, and then the costs for maintenance and then the “Extra” column is for other costs

“Houses” says 1.25M for 5, or 250K per house. “Maintenance” says 100K for when I’m starting the place up

It looks like you need to do a lot more work to have a true budget. If you seriously want to start your business I would advise you to setup a meeting with a small business incubator like your local small business development center. They will assist you with developing a business plan which will include a full breakdown of your startup costs. The spreadsheet you have is not much help for anyone but you. The numbers are all ballpark and the categories aren't real clear or broken down enough. Taking your unit purchase prices. How do they break down? What are you paying in closing costs? How much will be put down and how much will be financed, what is your expected interest rate and what is the true total cost of the mortgage? All of that will tell you where your investment is going and how long it will take to break even. The great part is you're starting the process. Remember that most small businesses fail because of the financial details. Always be looking at all the details in the money side of your business. There's too much competition out there for you to take that lightly == About Community == Entrepreneurs Active