= Please help me love this 1920’s house Just bought it and I don’t know where to start, but I think doing something with the monstrous concrete front porch would be a good place to start? Have been stuck on how to paint or update it suggestions? (Hoping to not paint thestucco =

What a pretty little house! I would pressure wash the porch and paint the railings to match the trim.That will draw your eye up the stairs and frame the door, as well as making the porch look more integrated with the house. Topping it with stone, as others have mentioned, is also a good idea, but be careful that you aren't sacrificing safety for beauty, especially if you plan to own this house for a long time. Edit: Also, update your landscaping. Those bushes aren't adding anything, and some nice dark mulch in the beds would ground the house

Thanks for the comments! Looks like I might need to head over to r/landscaping no idea of how to do any of this, but I’m finding out that’s what first time home ownership is about I guess

Which direction does the front face? If it gets a lot of sun you could add a pergola over the deck. It would provide shade for the deck and for your front room

Love the steel roof. You could throw some solar panels up there. You’ll have a 100yr roof and some electrons for house. Also hides most of it if you don’t like the color. :)
Fix the landscaping first and see how much it changes the feel of the house before tackling anything on the exterior of the house. You could feel totally different about the curb appeal without tackling big home exterior projects. If you wanted to draw the eye up you could line the path with some lush green plants
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