r/Housepainting101 - How do I get up there? Need to paint the stucco and I’m racking my brains on a safe way to paint this and I can’t figure it out. I’m a big guy—6’5” 280 lbs. work construction so it’s not a heights thing. It’s logistics. Any advice much appreciated.

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r/DIY - Willing to do the work myself. Thinking of just tearing down, possibly applying plywood wall then the wire mesh. And let contractor add stucco and paint it. Posted link of video below

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r/ExteriorDesign - Please help me love this 1920’s house... Just bought it and I don’t know where to start, but I think doing something with the monstrous concrete front porch would be a good place to start? Have been stuck on how to paint or update it... suggestions? (Hoping to not paint the white stucco..)

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r/Housepainting101 - Interested in lime washing our house opaque off-white, not as a worn European look. We have a midcentury modern house, so that style may look odd. Need advice on how possible that is to get a solid coat that lasts over time without fading out and having the brick more obviously peek through.

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