Rollercoaster round for Tiger lmao
Yes customizable lol

I was going to comment about that too. Sure hope the scores are magnets or moveable in some way and not permanently painted because the scoring isn't realistic

You can't go from even par to -4 on one!
Followed up that ace on the Par 5 13th with a 9 on 14
Tiger making aces on 3, 9, and 13, as we all expected

And then dropping a quintuple on 14.classic

Nana Millie is going low
They said she wouldn't even make the weekend, but she's TURNIN' BACK THE CLOCK

Nana cards a 1 on #12 what a legend
Wait… Tiger with a 1 on Par 4 #3?
WAIT Jack made ain zero on Par 4 #7, a 10 on Par 5 #8 and then a 1 on Par 4 #9 🤯
Have never laughed so hard at comments on a r/golf post before 
Why is the hole/pin in a bunker?
My guess is the artist doesn’t golf and was going off a few pics of The Masters off of google

This portion of the green is just super burnt out, so burnt out that it’s turned in to some kind of pit of dusty pebbly concretion next to where the rest of the green is
Lol yeah, super cool idea but that makes no sense

Gotta make it difficult for these new guys and their modern equipment
Is this not what ur local courses greens look like?
Oh, that?14. Why do you think Tiger took a 9 piece nugget?
I think they just aerated
Why dat green brown
This is incredible work but you really should’ve had some golfers look at your design before you put it on the wall lol