= [Review] MINERAL SPF 50 - Etude House ‘Sunprise - Mild Airy Finish’ - The GOAT, and my new staple for oiler skin types / active wearers, and hot weather. Check comments for my full review. Glad I met her. =

She’s a beauty

SKIN TYPE: 20y/o, acne prone (mild), drier patches in some areas when actively using acne treatments, otherwise mostly oily. I’m a makeup wearer, and I work an active bar job, which usually means I’m sweaty af…that’s what powder’s for. A lot of powder

BACKGROUND: I’ve been using the COSRX aloe sunscreen for a while now - daily since about this time last year. Prior to this, I’ve enjoyed Biore Aqua Rich Watery SPF 50 (although fans of this can admit it smells very…alcohol-y), Purito’s Centella SPF 50, as well as La Roche Posay’s beloved Ultra Light Invisible fluid (greasy queen!)

Now, these SPFs are good - and popular for a reason. The COSRX SPF in particular as I say as been my staple - it’s like a moisturiser, it doesn’t sting my eyes, it smells beautiful. However, for my current skin type - which is notably much less dry since I’ve been working my current job - and to prevent having to powder my face every 2 hours, I much prefer Etude House’s sunprise LAF spf50

PRODUCT TEXTURE: so much less oily, and less moisturising. Dries down!! Like, an spf that actually…dries. For someone like me who already has a very moisture-oriented skincare routine (Bc I still currently use benzoyl peroxide and retinol as prescribed to me for remaining acne breakouts)

I find this sunscreen ideal. Again to compare to the COSRX aloe, this is NOT a moisturiser-type. If you rub your face with this on, for me personally I feel more of a ‘grip’ and less slide. For that reason, do not use this SPF if you are experiencing existing tightness or dry patches. I could see this product being drying to people who aren’t active throughout their day. 9/10

HOW DOES IT WEAR?: it looked really undetectable, given it’s a mineral sunscreen. I was somewhat impressed. A slight sheen, even. I did concealer, blush, bronzer, and finished by using a light powder (innisfree ‘no sebum’, loose) on my chin, between my brows, smile lines, and a little dust on my forehead. Compare this to months of attacking my face with powder to overcompensate for how greasy my ex-sunscreen (who I still love and who might make someone else very happy) made my T-zone

So in summary, oily skin people - I still wouldn’t go without a tiny bit of powder when using this product (bc heat) but I personally don’t have to spend nine years mattifying my face like I did before, to the point where I almost gave up on SPF because I hated how greasy I looked. 8/10

SCENT: not as nice as…aloe. It just smells like basic sunscreen. 4/10

Overall, this is a great find at a great price. Definitely try this if your lifestyle and skin type is similar to mine. I’d be interested to know if any drier skin types have enjoyed this, too

I used this before trying Dr G Green Mild Up (my current). While I like that it’s very matte and cheap, I find that it tends to pill especially if rubbed (eg if I apply makeup over it, or where my nose pad rubs against it then there are alwaysflakes there). It’s also streaky so you gotta blend it well when applying and it can accentuate dry spots. I feel that Dr G seems to be better overall although it’s not as matte. For reference I have oily skin living in a humid tropical climate

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