r/Gouache - Finally i finished the painting with me video! Thanks for all the support in the posts! This original painting it’s still available, so if you want to have it in your house it’s just dm me :)

r/centuryhomes - Thoughts on the type or age of this flooring? House was built in 1920 and most of the wood floor is painted.

r/dalle - I can’t paint so I’ve been trying to come up with “fine art” type prompts for stuff that I’d want to hang in my house.

Types of Wall Paint & Finishes

6 Different Types of House Paint

r/BloodAngels - Finally finished these last night. My first time painting the more brilliant types of colours... thoughts on grim-darking them up?

r/legaladvice - [California] Guy painting our house isn't finishing the job and wants full amount of his quote

r/techhouseproduction - What is the best tech house production course online? It can be start to finish full track or even another type of course. One I can go to any reference everytime I want to make a track? I’ve tried plenty and not a fan of the toolroom once. Thanks

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r/teenagers - Just finished painting my house, very epic 😎👍

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