r/DesertDaze - I created a PDF with every day's set schedule, the map, and a Google Maps terrain shitty paint edit for campers to use. Print in high quality gloss to bring out the MS paint quality graphics.

r/guns - Am I good to paint the metal parts of my gun knowing that I can take the parts off and use paint stripper to remove the paint later if I want to? Is Krylon or Rustoleum okay, with gloss clear coat? My main concern is just being able to remove it later, on some pussy shit. This is kinda expensive lol

r/glossier - Skywash, gold lip gloss, haloscope, BDC and tons of solar paint at Marshall’s. Run!

r/DIYUK - Should I paint the walls first or gloss shelving?

r/ak47 - Hey just joined this channel I got my first long gun (m70) and live in Miami area because of this I have serious rust issues with the blued finish. Would love to paint it to look like a gloss black any ideas on what paint to use and how to do it?

r/paint - What causes this dimpled texture after applying second coat of semi-gloss paint?

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