r/MakeupAddiction - I’m addicted to this lip gloss! So I decided to paint it 🙂 first layer down

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r/modelmakers - I wanted to achieve this glossy mirror like blue on my F7F. I have Tamiya x3 royal blue gloss acrylic and ak black base xtreme metal. Should I get a new paint?

r/ResinCasting - Zelda coasters i made! I noticed they stuck to some things. I think it is the gloss finish spray paint, but the case should help anyway

r/CarWraps - Got my miata wrapped in KPMF Gloss Hypnotic Black Violet. Absolutely love the color shift it has. Very close to the Audi paint "merlin"

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r/HotWheels - I been hearing from multiple collectors that they use the same spectra-flame paint on the mainline and STH for the Shelby and I’m looking at both and they do look very similar but I just see that gloss look more on the STH , what does the community think , is it the same paint or different? ????

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r/ft86 - New to me 2014 Toyota GTS 86. Got it stock, added a catback with blue tips. Next will paint the rims gloss black and callipers read.

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