= Makeover of the brick walls in my laundry/mud room. Limewash treatment for looks, breathability, and mold resistance. Materials cost: $2.12 =

So I read some stuff online about whitewash and how to diy it with type S lime, water and salt (extra mold resistance). The brick walls are probably 50-60 years old and just didn't look that great, so I wanted a new look

I found a bag of lime at the second chance building materials store, which was in a ripped bag. So they threw it in a plastic tote and charged me $2 plus tax. This is my total cost for materials

Prep of the walls is getting off some crayon marks with steelwiping off some texture overspray, and steel brush on some paint splatters. Shop vac with brush for dust and cobwebs. Dampen brick with a water spray bottle

Mixing about 1 part lime to 2 parts water and a few tablespoons of salt per batch. Mix well until it looks like skim milk (pretty watery). Brush on with quick strokes using cheap stiff brush. Wipe spills with vinegary rag. It looks barely different when you put it on and whitens as it dries

Then hit it again with shop vac to remove any flakiness and that's it. The brick can breathe and will resist mold

Here is the before and after pics of one of the walls. If you don't like the look then just remember I got a plastic tote out of the deal which was worth the $2, so I'm proclaiming victory

I did have one corner that established mold. The previous owners had built this semi circle planter for flowers and whatnot, and they just piled up dirt against the wall to build it. First thing to come down when I moved in. I eliminated it 3 years ago and acid washed it. Haven't seen any come back, but it's a laundry room so I figure it could use the help

No real ongoing issue with mold, but the brick is a good environment for it and it is a laundry room, and the exterior side was already painted. So maybe just peace of mind. Appreciate the feedback. This wall was probably the best shape on the original brick. Other areas it is pretty unsightly and I'm just getting to those areas now

Here's some more before pics to illustrate that point. Most of the discoloration is paint overspray and I couldn't figure out how to remove it

It looks good but unfinished. Every limewashed wall I've seen has been done until a solid colour. I've only ever seen wood done in a wash. Like paint, you will need a couple coats, possibly more coats than standard latex paint needs. I really recommend doing a couple more layers!
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