= Exterior help. Need ideas to break up all the brick, want to add stone around windows however top of windowsup to soffit and not sure can life that part with trusses =

Does the roof
*need* to sit directly above the windows?
You can do a lot with shrubs later around the base

Maybe do a belly band out of brickVertical bricks. Trim windows out. Maybe do coins? Kinda old school though

Brick water table thin real stone veneer above. Or brick water table and hardi above
Not quite what you asked, but I think if you fix your roofline the brick will actually look less monotonous - the busy/not busy contrast is a big part of why the brick looks like it needs more pizzazz. By 'fix the roofline' I mean get rid of the bumpout to the side of the front door, whatever is causing that suspicious nub at the back center of the L, and lowering the portico over the front door to align with the rest of the roofline (the transom over that door is going to wind up being extremely dark as is, there's not much point to it)

For the windows, adding shutters and window boxes is a good way to add interest without needing to mess with the truss height. httpshouzbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/case-parter-in-forma-de-L-3.jpg is an example (that also shows the simple-roofline-matching-simple-wall thing)

Consider stone "pillars" jutting out from the brick and providing columns on either side of the windows

shutters on windows?
trellises with green climbing plants that flower
Agree with other comment that there should be a large space above the window below the roof line

Shutters are the way to go, they’re a smallish touch that can add a lot, and if (I’d want them to be) functional can actually add value to the home other than looks