= What primer do I need for painting over limewashed bricks? I can't find anything at Lowe's that explicitly says it's alkali resistant =

Depending on the Lowes (certain Lowes in certain markets), Valspar offers a Masonry primer or you could use their Masonry/Stucco paint in ultraas the primer(which alot more stores carry), it's a flat as well and was about $25 a gallon last I used it. Problem is the shortages have done a real number on Primers and lower selling products so I have no idea if it would be in stock

Behr 436 Multisurface Primer- PH 13
PPG Permacrete Masonry Primer- PH 13
SW Loxon Masonry Primer- PH 13
KM Acryshield Masonry Primer- PH 13
Valspar Masonry & SStucco Primer- PH 13
All products with “Alkali Resistance”, you should be able to find one of these available somewhere locally

Also, You’re getting hung up on the term Alkali Resistant. Not all masonry primers or primers in general will state “Alkali Resistant” on the label because 99% of primers rated for Masonry & SStucco are Alkali Resistant

Things can help you. Look up TDS (Technical Data Sheet) for any product in question and read. Most of it may mean nonsense to you, butttt if it’s rated for masonry it will have a masonry section. It will give you a PH rating. If that’s there then it’s alkali resistance. Some might even elaborate and say ASTM # Blah Blah Blah Passed, or MPI# Blah Blah Blah Passed. Then you can look up what those #’s mean and see the exact test they did and passed

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