= Im currently traveling Norway with my wife and we were both wondering what are the little houses on stilts/bricks and why are they raised? =

«Stabbur» - old food storage houses. They were built on stilts to prevent foxes and rodents from getting in

Ahhhh, that makes sense, thank you! We couldn’t work it out, we thought it had something to do with water levels but realised not all houses are raised so we were stumped!
They were also were the ancient traditional food «Grandiosa» was covered with fine sticks of ham and Jarlsberg cheese

I read somewhere that dead people were often stored in these before they were burried

Notice how the legs are built to make it impossible for mice to climb up. Also the steps are placed too far away for mice to jump across. Back in the day you risked death penalty if you got caught stealing from one of these houses

Back in the day it was death penalty if you got caught stealing from one of these houses

There's lots of stories of richer farmers observing their starving neighbours stealing from the stabbur, then just pretending they didn't see. So while the law was in theory harsh, in practice the farmers might well be far more lenient

Although there are examples of the opposite, too

*invading someone’s bedroom and stealing all their personal possessions*
“Ohthat’s 20 years in prison”
*steals a can of beans*
Yeah thanks, that was actually interesting. I read a lot and stabbur have been often mentioned.