I used MiStay during my trip to Shimla. My friends and I landed in Delhi and booked a hotel to rest for a few hours before we started our long drive to Shimla. It’s an exchange that not only allowed us access to all the hotel amenities; we paid for a few hours instead of for an entire day. It’s a pretty good concept

Arif Mohammed
Managing Director, Jordan & Lew
I have used MiStay on several occasions, and I've really liked the ease of use of the product and the service. I was able to avail hotel rooms with flexible check in and check out times. I saved on a lot of costs and enjoyed the promptness of MiStay executives (as late as 12 in the night) when I ran into a small hiccup while booking. I would definitely recommend MiStay to all business travelers

Madhulika Mukherjee
Cofounder, Survaider
My experience with Mistay has been amazing. Who wants to pay more when you can get the same hotel rooms with the same facilities on hourly packages. My encounter with Mistay was when my flight got postponed and I needed a hotel for just 3 hours. Their hassle-free check-in, delightful hotel experience, and amazing customer support will make your stay a memorable one. Kudos to the team for making this venture a great one

Rishabh Agarwal
Director, The Design Legacy
I was going to be in Bangalore to take an exam and I had heard about MiStay’s hourly hotel booking from a friend of mine. It seemed convenient as I would need a hotel for a few hours during the period of the test. It worked out a lot cheaper and their service was great too

Dr. Ashwin Valliyot
MD (General Medicine)
As a Chartered Accountant who always tries to put money to its best use, I find it very gratifying that you only pay for the time you stay. The platform is user-friendly, there is a fairly good choice of hotels across price ranges in quite a few cities. The team is efficient and proactive and the deals are the icing on the cake. I will keep going back to MiStay because it perfectly fits my idea of comfortable yet affordable travel

Jayaram Vengayil
Executive Director, Goldklix Business Services Pvt Ltd

I used MiStay when I made a short visit to Chennai for my US visa stamping. The team at Mistay was quick to respond when I reached out with a few questions and they helped create a comfortable stay. Not paying for more than what I need is a huge plus given I also had access to all the hotel amenities. Mistay is awesome!
Mathews Mani
Ex-CFO, Fincare Business Services

I opted for MiStay as I was having an early morning flight from Mumbai to Aurangabad and I landed late from Udaipur. I had one payment hiccup which was promptly resolved by Mr. Santosh & beyond that refund, he arranged for a new booking at Hotel 7 Cepl in just a few minutes. The room was decent for 4 hrs to stay and the staff was great to help me for early morning wake-up alarm and cab booking as well

What are the payment options available while booking a hotel online on MiStay?
Customers have the option to either make an advance payment or pay at the hotel during check-out. They can make advance payment through the card (debit as well as credit), net-banking or third party wallet. The wallets accepted on MiStay are Payzapp, Ola Money, Freecharge, SBI Buddy and Vodafone mPesa

How can corporate travellers benefit by booking hourly basis hotels on MiStay?
Corporate travellers and people in transit who require rooms for few hours to freshen up before a meeting or a connecting flight/ train etc. used to suffer due to rigid check-in time at the hotel. Also, often corporate travellers want to check-in early or check-out late and standard 12-noon check-in isn’t convenient for them. MiStay created a platform called MiStay for Business where business travellers can pay for the time they are staying with a flexible check-in and check-out facility, a dedicated Relationship Manager and discounts and cashbacks catered exclusively for corporate travel needs

Why was it not possible to book hotel rooms for few hours?
Earlier there was no concept of short stay hotels and hotels usually provided accommodation with rigid check-in and check-out time. Also offering rooms by hour comes with operational challenges and logistical complexities.There was also a challenge of dealing with the taboo associated with the booking of a room by hour. MiStay helped in solving the above problems by building a technology platform that provides a scalable solution to support the change required in booking hotel rooms by hour

What is the cancellation policy at MiStay?
Different hotels have different cancellation policies with hotels deducting a particular percent of your total booking price based on the time you will cancel your confirmed booking before check-in. The same will be mentioned in the cancellation policy section of hotel profile page on our website

What is the minimum age to book an hourly hotel room?
The right to admission of allowing a guest of particular age group always lies with the hotel. According to law, guests need to be above 18 years of age to be allowed to check-in. However, there are some hotels which have an age limit greater than 18 years. All the above conditions apply equally well while booking an hourly hotel room through MiStay

Can couples book a hotel through MiStay?

MiStay is primarily targeting the business travellers or people in transit. However, MiStay over the time has developed a large network of hotels with a considerable number of couple friendly hotels partnering with us. These couple friendly hotels take optimum care of the needs of couples while planning their accomodation. Whether it besundays or valentine day couple retreat. All those occasions for couples are made glamorous yet tranquil by providing short stay hotels with characterful suites, tranquil swimming pools and heady ambience. You are assured to enjoy a high-class hospitality and build lots of great memories to cherish

Are MiStay hotels safe and secure for couples?
All the hotels we partner with, understand Indian jurisdiction and abide it with the utmost respect. The safety of the guests while they are staying in the hotel and their belongings are of utmost importance and the hotel management takes the requisite steps in providing a safe and secure environment for the guests not limiting to couples itself

Does MiStay partner hotels accept guests with Local IDs?
The right to admission of whether to allow local ID holders, unmarried couples always lies with hotels. Even if the hotels accept local ID cards but they think that there’s something suspicious about the guests, they have the right to deny the room. If there is no mention of restrictions related to allowing local IDs or unmarried couples in the hotel policy section of hotel profile page in our website, it means those hotels accept local ids or unmarried couples. A large network of couple friendly hotels partnering with MiStay accepts guests with Local ID cards

How do you pronounce MiStay?
MiStay is short for Micro Stay. People tend to pronounce MiStay as Mi Stay or My Stay. The correct pronunciation of MiStay is maɪsteɪ

How is MiStay different from other companies like StayUncle, LuvStay etc?
Companies like StayUncle, LuvStay are specifically targeted at providing hotels for unmarried couples. But we understand that flexible hotel room booking is a requirement for any traveller. We primarily target business travellers or people in transit who need a room for few hours in Hotels near Airport or Railway Station. We provide a dedicated Relationship manager for corporate travel needs along with exclusive discounts and cashbacks for business travellers. MiStay over the time has built a large network of hotels with a considerable number of couple friendly hotels also partnering with us. We make sure that requisite quality standards are maintained at our partner hotels so as to provide an enriching and satisfying stay for the guests. Also, because of the diverse portfolio of hotels under our umbrella we are able to fulfil the need for different types of customer apart from the aforementioned like -
Backpackers who are more inclined towards sightseeing or understanding the local culture and tradition and need the hotel room just to spend the night and have a good sleep

Leisure travellers who want to experience the royal hospitality of 5-star luxury hotels. They can experience this by booking room by hours through MiStay luxury hotel partners

Student travellers who travel to different cities for writing the test or hunting for jobs and require room for few hours to get ready. “Day use” perfectly fits into their needs

Will I be charged extra if I bring a visitor along with me just for few hours?
There are 2 situations here:
If the hotel charges the same rate for single occupancy as well as double occupancy rooms then you can book the double occupancy room and the visitor will not be charged any amount as the guest has already paid for the same

However, if the hotel charges different rates for single occupancy and double occupancy rooms then the guest on bringing the visitor along with him/her, needs to pay the respective amount being charged for a particular slot booked in double occupancy room Also, If the visitor happens to be female and the guest already booked through hotel is male or vice versa then some hotels may demand Local IDs or other verification in accordance with the hotel policies mentioned in the hotel policy section of hotel profile page in MiStay website.