As your mayor, I have worked both locally and regionally to ensure that Brea comes first during the current pandemic

From a $2.6 million surplus to a deficit brought on by the economic shutdown, Brea was able to balance our budget without touching reserves. Cities near us are placing sales tax increases on the ballot, while Brea remains fiscally sound. I am proud to be a part of the team that keeps Brea a premiere city

When other cities were tightening their budgets, we invested $6 million towards reducing our pension obligations; an investment now worth $8 million

I believe in doing what is right for the community and recognize that my first obligation is to you

My goals continue to include:
- Maintaining important and valued community services

- Dealing with pension reform in a responsive manner and living within our means

- Delivering excellent public safety services

- Maintaining and improving Brea’s infrastructure (streets, sewer, water, etc.) such that Brea delivers quality services for years to come

- Supporting projects that enhance the future of Brea

If you want experienced leadership that puts you first, then please vote for Marty Simonoff on November 3. Thank you!