= Cost to stucco the front of house =

Hi everyone, I live in Union City (Bay Area), CA, and wanted to ask if I was given a 'reasonable' quotes. My house was built in '72, the neighborhood was built between '70s and '80s. Stucco work is only for the front of the house, the rest of the house is already (older style) stucco

**Quoted $20k and work includes
*Stucco front of the house (currently wood surface)
*Paint the entire house
*Install 3 sconce light fixtures
*Repair front patio ceiling wood water damage
*Relocate 3 gutter spouts
The contractor said the primary cost is about $8k for paint, and stucco for $10-11k. Is this Bay Area price or am I being gouged a bit? Thank you in advance for your advice and opinion :)

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For Phoenix 8k for painting would be a lot. My house is 3,000 sq ft with a painted brick and stucco exterior. About 15% of the job was a second story addition to the house. I had SW Emerald exterior used and it cost 4K for the job

only 3-5 quotes sets reasonable cost and not internet opinions as all cost are local
Here is a picture of the front. I do not know the square footage, but the new stucco is only applied to the front

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