= Ricky Starks says comparisons to The Rockhim off: "The Rock isn't the only guy that knows how to dress. You all are just so used to people in basketball shorts and their own merchandise shirts, that you can't fathom somebody on screen dressing in a turtleneck and nice slacks." =

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He even says he doesn't mind the Rock comparisons otherwise. And of course he wouldn't, he's been on TV for two years, not even every week and the guy is getting compared to one of thewho wouldn't enjoy that

But the idea that he's stealing his look from Rock isthat's like saying any heel who wears a suit is stealing their looks from Ric Flair. Juston Stroke Daddy

I think he's definitely influenced by the Rock, and there's nothing wrong with that, as a starting point

There are a million wrestlers who started out wanting to be Shawn Michaels, superkick finisher and all, but the ones that were successful stepped up from there and found their own thing to do

Same thing with Starks and the Rock

if someone wants to make it as a pro wrestler, and they're not taking a good long look at what the Rock does, and why he does it, I have to wonder what they're doing

But is Ricky Starks a clone of the Rock? No, and that's the important thing

Him and Hobbs have been low key some of the best-dressed on the roster pretty much since they were put together, or at least the most thematically-dressed

Think it was someone on here that said that Starks looked like a villainous ski instructor from a 90s Disney Channel original movie when they were in Cleveland on a freezing cold Edgewater Beach

It's not just the clothes, although that is a big part of it. It's the charisma too, how he'd be in the back of a Team Taz segment and somehow steal the attention despite not being the intended focus, like Rock did in the NoD days

Starks has it. I hope he's in the next batch of 'pillars' once the current four are promoted to top guy status

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