= Could any Setters Form Check me? I’ve been trained as a setter for around 9 months now and starting from 0 athletic experience I feel like I am not where I should be for the level I am training at. Does anyone have any tips for how to improve my fitness and feel in more control of my sets? = You’re stabbing at the ball like it’s a hot potato. Slow down Get under the ball, square your right shoulder to the net, allow the ball to come into your hands more. You’ll feel like you’re carrying it, you’re not. Push through the ball with your ankles,hips, and elbows so you can really push it outside Thank you, my coach says to start with my back to net and then go to set as I sometimes set over my right shoulder as I think I turn my left shoulder over too much Plant right foot everytime and point it to the pin at 4. From there square up and make the set either straight ahead or if you back set over your right shoulder Your coach is right to start with back to net but as you start to set you need to square up. If your sets go to the right, you need to learn to straighten them out Contact point should be just about your forehead and from there make extension to your set. The stronger you get the less arms you need but you need legs and hands to be more involved If you play basketball think of it like a mini jump shot. Use your legs Thank you very much :) I’ve found that I contact the ball just a bit further in front of my forehead and I think I need to be a bit more confident in letting the ball come closer to my face before setting it There are two big problems that I can see, but they shouldn’t be too hard to fix. The first problem is with the setting itself: you’re taking the ball way out above your head and just kinda stabbing at it. Allow the ball to get closer to your head and push through the ball with your arms and more important your legs. Your arms are more to guide it than actually be the source of power until you’re at the point where you’re jump setting. Right now you seem to be trying to get the ball to just bounce off your hands which isn’t the goal. Allow it to stay in your hands for a little longer and push all the way through to your target. The other thing is I notice you’re square to your hotter rather than to the outside pin. That makes you really easy to read as a blocker. The longer you set squaring to the hitter rather than the pin, the harder it will be to break that habit later on when it matters more. It will be awkward at first because you’re no longer just setting in a straight line but once you get it, it will help you a lot going forward. The only other thing is that you telegraph your sets because you aren’t in a neutral position but I believe that’s a result of the two things I mentioned above so once you sort those issue out then your sets won’t be as telegraphed. Overall you’re doing really well for how long you’ve been playing so keep at it Thanks for the reply and advice. My coach always tells me to set off the net and the only thing I’m worried about is if I’m squared facing the antenna I’ll be setting the ball too close to the net / having to set the ball not where i’m facing so that I don’t set on the net.question but should I focus on being squared parallel to the net or should I focus on my body squaring to the antenna for a tighter set? Just to follow up, my coach says that my footwork is my biggest issue and that my fitness needs to be better but I feel like it may be my coordination which is the major factor however I would like to know what others think as I have a habit for being too harsh on myself Footwork is coordination. Like all athletic movements, setting starts from the ground up. Quick feet to get to the ball and square up and quick twitch through the legs into the arms to deliver the set. If done in proper sequence you shouldn’t feel like you’re pushing so hard with your arms and hands Good advice from other commenters. The only thing I noticed is the set to pipe. There are about 50 lines on that floor, so the 10 foot like is camouflaged, but a pipe set should be in front of the 10 foot line. You have some decent sized players with some hops, so if you put the ball 8 feet off the net it gives them better offensive options. Overall great job in my opinion Thank you for the reply, I think in that position I saw that my 6 player was quite deep and so I wanted to make the set easier to approach for a better hit but I know to normally put the ball in front of the line to allow for the jump forward. Could I also ask what parts you found good about my setting so I know what parts i’m doing well at / what needs to be improved? :) Take all the comments you've read there, but can I just say that for 9 months of playing vbal you are doing absolutely amazing. I know a lot of people who play for a lot longer and are not near what I see here Sure, things can be improved, but you being able to put the ball in the general direction it needs to go pretty often is quite impressive for only 9 months! Keep up the goodies! 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