= Master Bedroom Ceiling Plan =

I have designed my first ceiling plan for our master bedroom. We currently have no lights other than plug-in lamps. We are also moving the space around, creating a wooden accent wall, changing bathroom door to a barn door and will be getting some new furniture

The idea is to have independently controlled bedside pendant lights to free up the nightstand space; use directed lights for the accent wall over the bed; and have enough overhead pucks to provide all over illumination. My wife also wants a ceiling fan, which I am not a fan of, because I'm 6' 4" and it's only a 8' ceiling. Actually, it's a bit less, since the whole place is concrete, so the ceiling is slightly dropped with drywall to run electrical. 5 zones in all or 6 if we do a fan with a light

We are also building a 16" soffit over the bed

I followed general guidelines of 3' from the wall, 4' spacing (more or less) for the puck lights. One area of concern is that the room is slightly asymmetrical because of one window. It is offset by about 6". Right now the ceiling plan is symmetrical with the overall room vs the bed layout

Should I array the pucks to match up with the layout of the room, or the dimensions of the walls?
Are there enough pucks?
Any feedback on the number and placement of the lights?
Any recommendation on the size of the soffit? The electrician and our handyman thought 16" deep x 11.5" tall. My wife thinks it should be shorter, and I think it should also come out enough to center the pendants over the nightstands

Ceiling Plan
3D Rendering
edit: replaced ceiling plan with correct one

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