= Painting stucco exterior with cracks =

My house is 6 years old. It has the dreaded cracking in the stucco. Cracking isn’t severe justaf. Most of the stucco houses in my neighborhood have no cracks so my house stucco was likely installed incorrectly

My googs research indicates most people just slap on a coat of elastomeric paint and hope for the best..

Any tips for crack sealing or if I should seal at all? Best sealant? Best paint?

You can use a textured stucco/masonry caulking and then paint over it, I get mine from Sherwin. It’s best to put a couple thin coats on, make sure to smooth it out/rub it around so there isn’t a thick build up. The goal is to not cover the natural stucco texture, but to massage the surface to fill the crack and spread/thin the caulking out

Most cracks are from normal settling of foundation, shouldn’t have anything to worry about if the crack is small in width

Org paint isn’t elastomeric. Researched more today, I’m caulking just to be safe. Looks like aof folks on the interwebz justelast/flexible paint over the cracks. They never report back Idoinghalf-assed, always comes back on me having to do more work

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