= Gyeongui–Jungang Line tracks through the autumn cityscape of downtown Seoul, South Korea. =

Check out his instagram posted below. Full of high saturation HDR stuff

I mean, these tools have a time and a place, but less is more so much more often than not. I like the colours while looking at an individual spot, but then looking at the whole picture it’s just way too much

It's not a Gyeongui–Jungang line train. It's an old mainline train. These tracks through central Seoul are shared by numerous different routes. The post is nonsense both aesthetically and factually. Also, it isn't autumn yet here, so presumably it's from years previous

This part of town is more homeless encampments full of elderly folks and "Grannie prostitutes."
There's a shanty town near where this picture was taken it's small compared to the slums of the south side

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