In 2003 I gave a lecture on
*Distributed Computing* at the
University of Luton

Approximately two weeks have been devoted to XMLRPC and for that I
produced a number of slides and activities

Just in case that somebody else finds this material helpful here it is

The Java package cis69mc.jar mentioned in the activities is identical with the package provided at with the single addition that the class has four additional lines. Here is the modified version of and the rest of the source code is here: xmlrpc-1.2-b1-src.tar.gz (for the latest version please see directly the apache repository.)
In January 2005 I gave a presentation at JICC9 (Java and the Internet in the Computing Curriculum Conference) about the material presented on this web site: The paper: pdf, the presentation: ppt, pdf

What is identity in the context of distributed applications (as web services, grids, or ubiquitous networks, etc)? These slides have been used in November 2006 to address this: ppt or pdf
A couple of slides on CORBA

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