Since time began, the invisible creative forces that power our universe have illuminated the polar darkness with the phenomenon called Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. These majestic stardust curtains have transfixed their global audiences with majestic displays of celestial color and light

**The Aurora Awards recognizes media creators around the world who demonstrate the same ability to captivate audiences by their creative displays of grand execution and brilliant content. Our stars appear as independent, corporate, freelance, broadcast, instructional and educational production groups large and small
The Aurora Awards is a professional filmmakers recognition company designed to recognize brilliance internationally in the media industry specifically creations in film, video and motion media (which do not air in all 5 major network feeds)

Identified by a professionally recognized standard and semi-annual competitions, the Aurora Awards promotes excellence and advancement in filmmaking and is distinguished for offering valuable feedback to film creators. We reflect color and light of the best creators by endorsing, promoting and guiding them with visionary and innovative concepts and tools that create value for their business

Entries are accepted from many countries across the world. We judge in different languages and ship world-wide

We qualify the best national U.S. judges to review each entry. Our judges are working or retired professionals who are creatives in their industry

Each entrant will gain from the feedback we provideunlike other competitions that just inform if you win or lose. We give personalized feedback on each entry

Because each entry category is matched to the judges specialties, we are able to produce more direct and accurate assessments of each entry

Each entry will be reviewed by multiple filmmakers whether you submit far in advance or just before the deadline. Plus you will get something valuable in return

Whether you have huge budgets or small, large companies or freelance, famous or unknown, PC or Mac -- we welcome you and evaluate your work on the same playing field

A measure whereby filmmakers and their representative clients may have the opportunity to obtain the BEST ENDORSEMENT to the quality and professionalism of their work. Professionals from across the world have entered and won Aurora Awards and reaped the benefits

2022 Aurora Awards