r/Westerns - A TV Western Each Year: 'Gunsmoke', 1955. US Marshal Matt Dillon keeps the peace in Dodge City. A true milestone in the history of Television. The longest lasting Western TV Series, and still the weekly TV Series with the most number of episodes and hours of film.

r/YDHBSnark - Either Sara is admitting to spending her days pretending to workout and watching television or she's back to pretending to have a job. Why can't she film at night? She always did livestreams when it was dark.

r/bupkis - Bupkis - Production List | Film & Television Industry Alliance - Shoot Date: September 15, 2022 Locations: New York, NY, United States

r/FurtherAfrica - LaVida Studios in Nigeria has received a $50 million production investment. A $50 million initial commitment from PAC Capital Limited has been made for LaVida’s film and television projects, including the partnership with The Story Lab U.S.

r/goodnews - Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Group Effort Initiative is working with Netflix to hire people from underrepresented communities in film and television production jobs.

r/RBI - What film or television production did this photograph come from/who are these actresses?

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