A fork of Mozilla's Firefox Send. Mozilla discontinued Send, this fork is a community effort to keep the project up-to-date and alive

- Forked at Mozilla's lasthosted version
Mozilla& Firefoxbranding is removed so you can legally self-host
- Kept compatible with
ffsend(CLI for Send)
- Dependencies have been updated
- Mozilla's changes since the fork have been selectively merged
- Mozilla's experimental report feature, download tokens, trust warnings and FxA changes are not included
Find an up-to-date Docker image here: docs/
The original project by Mozilla can be found here

mozilla-master branch holds the
master branch
as left by Mozilla

send-v3 branch holds thetree of Mozilla's last
hosted version, which this fork is based on

send-v4 branch holds thetree of Mozilla's last
experimental version which was still a work in progress (featuring file
reporting, download tokens, trust warnings and FxA changes), this has
selectively been merged into this fork

Please consider to donate to allow me to keep working on this

Thanks Mozilla for building this amazing tool!
**Docs FAQ, Encryption, Build, Docker, More
## Table of Contents
- What it does
- Requirements
- Development
- Commands
- Configuration
- Localization
- Contributing
- Instances
- Deployment
- Clients
- License
## What it does
A file sharing experiment which allows you to send encrypted files to other users

## Requirements
- Node.js 16.x
- Redis server (optional for development)
- AWS S3 or compatible service (optional)
## Development
To start an ephemeral development server, run:
npm install npm start
Then, browse to httplocalhost:8080
## Commands
||Formats the frontend and server code using

||Lints the CSS and JavaScript code.|
||Runs the suite of mocha tests.|
||Runs the server in development configuration.|
||Builds the production assets.|
||Runs the server in production configuration.|
## Configuration
The server is configured with environment variables. See server/config.js for all options and docs/ for examples

## Localization
See: docs/
## Contributing
Pull requests are always welcome! Feel free to check out the list of "good first issues" (to be implemented)

## Instances
Find a list of public instances here:
## Deployment
See: docs/
Docker quickstart: docs/
AWS example using Ubuntu Server
20.04: docs/
## Clients
- Web:
this repository
- Command-line:
- Android:
see Android section

- Thunderbird: FileLink provider for Send
The android implementation is contained in the
android directory,
and can be viewed locally for easy testing and editing by running
ANDROID=1 npm start and then visiting httplocalhost:8080. CSS and image files are
located in the
android/app/src/main/assets directory

## License
Mozilla Public License Version 2.0
qrcode.js licensed under MIT