Thats no filesize limits, no bandwidth limits, no premium options, and no login required to download. Organise your files, find out who's downloading them, and make your favourite creators feel appreciated! Sim File Share can only be used by simmers, for sharing sims-related files. This means we can focus on the needs of creators and downloaders, rather than trying to cater for everyone

What's worse than discovering an amazing bit of CC, only to find the link is broken? Or having to go through your entire blog replacing all the links, because your last file host stopped working? 

 Sim File Share guarantees that your files will always be available! Here's how: We know simmers like to post their links and then never touch them again. So the original URLs for your files will never stop working. We wont delete your files just because theyre old, havent been downloaded in a while, or because you havent logged in recently. The only time well delete files is if we receive a legitimate, confirmed copyright complaint. We dont plan on ever closing Sim File Share. But if we do have to close the site, well share all public files with Sims 2 Graveyard, Simscave, and other rehosting sites before we go

In order to keep Sim File Share exclusively for simmers, we operate on an invite system. That means you have two options for signing up: All Sim File Share users get an unlimited number of invites to give away to fellow simmers. So if you know someone who uses Sim File Share, send them a message!

If you already have an invite code, you can redeem it here. If you don't know anyone you can ask for an invite, you can request an account using this form. Using an invite code will be quicker, especially if we get backlogged, but we'll get to you as soon as we can!