Live in Ajijic/Chapala?? You must be crazy! Just got back from my first visit to the area. I was shocked at the toxic Lake (full of mercury), poor living conditions of the native inhabitants, crime and the over abundance of silver headed Canadians. My only guess is that they are desperate to escape the cold climates they come from up North. The town of Ajijic is so tight, it can be very challenging to walk anywhere in the village. The shops are tight as are the restaurants. There are many restaurants, but few that I would regard as excellent. I love Mexico, but I will scratch this area off my lists. Buyer beware!

Re: Live in Ajijic/Chapala?? You must be crazy! Johnny C..the area is not for everyone that is for sure. Sometimes there even is crime or a shooting that is pretty much everywhere. With growth also comes lots of increase in lots of things. I suggest you go to other parts of Mexico

Re: Live in Ajijic/Chapala?? You must be crazy! Thanks Bezerk! It's not just the crime, but the lack of activity, like boating, that is limited in Ajijic. The weather is superb, I will admit that. It's just weird that all the gringo/expats are so paranoid about security and lack of police that can help out The tall walls with razor wire and gated communities say it all. I am the kind of traveler that likes to visit many different places, instead of being married to one town. Enjoy life in Paradise!!

Re: Live in Ajijic/Chapala?? You must be crazy! I hear all you are saying Johnny C, but some folks like that. I have high walls as that is what everyone has in the villages, no gated community for me. No razor wire either nor paranoia! 21 years no problems, one petty crime. You have to like hiking, nature and slow relaxing tranquil life to be has gotten chilly here for me, and might be time for me to change life. Half my life was city, half country ( here) now maybe a mix. Who knows, but I travel a lot and I am not Canadian, so no clue how they think or such. Do know they occupy a lot of area here especially gated communities LOL. I do not think there is a Paradise anywhere, everywhere has faults. I am a realist so good and bad in everything! The lake here is a.. largest lake in Mexico 65 miles long yet not usable. I have to admit I do not live in Ajijic proper nor Chapala and prefer it that way and likely would not be a vacation place for me! Mexico has so much to offer, so many places to see

Re: Live in Ajijic/Chapala?? You must be crazy! Thanks for the reply. You are exactly right on all accounts. Good and bad everywhere! Glad you are in a better place there. I like San Antonio. Hiking might be good in theseason, but kind of dry on the hills now. You are sure right about Mexico overall. There is so much variety. I still enjoy parts of Baja also. No desire to go to the tourists spots in Yucatan, but I understand the draw. Come visit Napa sometime!

Re: Live in Ajijic/Chapala?? You must be crazy! I agree with you for the most part. I lived in Ajijic for eighteen months. The lake isbut it has improved over the years. There are some good Mexicans there but as always, there are a lot of bad ones too. The Mexicans in Ajijic view the gringos as a source of money. The average wage in Ajijic for a Mexican is much higher than in other parts of Mexico because of the influx of cash from foreigners. The cost of liveing there is also higher. There is an unofficial tax called the Gringo Tax. When a gringo buys something, the stores automatically tax you more. It is illegal, but they get away with it anyway. The streets in Ajijic are cobblestone and are difficult to navigate. Many times I fell when riding my biicycle. I had an apartment in the Mexican side of town and it was pretty reasonable. However, across the road there was a small store that sold beer, and it was noisy at night. There are other cities in Mexico that I would prefer to live in if I went back. However, given the crime rate now, it really is not a safe place to live or visit.