On behalf of SOS Animal I inform you that the puppy that was run over and for which the owner asked for help is already being helped and accompanied by us. As soon as we became aware of the case, we mobilized to take him to Ufersa in Mossoró, given that this is a case of surgery and the animal needs a lot of care, the case is serious! The lung is exposed

Today he underwent a battery of tests and was consulted, tomorrow morning he will be evaluated and operated on by a surgeon. We got the surgery for free, however, we spent to take the animal to Ufersa (130- chartered taxi), 140 x-ray and we will have many other expenses related to medicines and post-op care

Every surgery has its risks and this case, in particular, is quite delicate. Only tomorrow we will know the real damage that the hit-and-run caused to the animal. I write this text not only with the intention of asking for donations to pay off the expenses with the animal, given that we have been in the red for a long time, and we are using borrowed resources to save it, as the case is urgent

In addition, we want to appeal to animal tutors, don't let your animals loose on the streets, the responsibility for their lives is yours (the owners), so animals don't walk alone, so they'll hardly be run over or catch any disease. in the street. In addition, we are at the disposal of society to help in any way we can, despite all financial, volunteer and occupation limitations, and we clarify that we do not have the obligation to help everyone, we are a non-profit entity, we are volunteers, we do much more than we can already, those who accompany us know about our battles and efforts

They charge the government what it owes them, according to our legislation, animals are the responsibility of the state. Unfortunately, our politicians are remiss and selfish. This is nothing new to anyone. May the city's blogs demand attitude from the mayor, the governor, the councilors and whoever. But NGOs are here voluntarily to help in any way they can

Of course, as this is a matter of life and death, we would spare no effort. Below are our accounts, we provide accounts quarterly on the SOS animal Açu page on facebook. Donate any amount, just be sure to help. Having pity won't change anything in the world.