If you spend a lot of time in your cooking space with family or friends then you know it is not only a place to whip up mealsit's also a spot where you create memories. And that makes your kitchen the heart and soul of your home. So when it comes to remodeling, you want to get it right

That is why we wholeheartedly endorse aor mostlycolor scheme. Unlike bolder hues, the neutral shade will not fall victim to fickle decorating trends. To inspire you to create akitchen that will get your ticker thumping, behold our 36 favorite examples

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## Unique Tile Backsplash
Interior designer, Laura Brophy of Brophy Interiors dressed up thiskitchen with a stunning backsplash. Subway tile always makes an impression, but this version with alternating gold tiles and slivers of blue, adds a chic, unique feel. The seafoam green color on the cabinets evokes the sea while giving the cooking space a beachy vibe. The brass accents, including the cabinet hardware and kitchen faucet, make a big stylish splash.Continue to 2 of 36 below

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## Vintage-Inspired ModernKitchen
The vintage-inspired, modernkitchen in this charming space designed by D Burns Interiors has an updated look using a combination of new and salvaged building materials. The flat front cabinets with open glass panes feel old-school, while the solid black backsplash and midcentury metallic stools feel more modern.Continue to 3 of 36 below

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## GlamKitchen
If you crave some glamour in your kitchen, prepare to fall in love with this cooking space by Ashley Montgomery Design. The open concept floating shelves make the kitchen feel spacious, but it's the marble-topped island and gold faucets that add a glamorous touch to thecolor scheme.Continue to 4 of 36 below

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## Two-Tones Kitchen Cabinets
Two-toned cabinetry adds dimension to thiscooking space by Ashley Montgomery Design. The matte upper cabinets are designerand the subtle subway tile backsplash beautifully reflects light throughout the space. The brass cabinet hardware complements the deep blue lower cabinets remarkably well.Continue to 5 of 36 below

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## Sleek and Sophisticated
This kitchen, designed by Brophy Interiors, embracesin almost every aspect of the room. The cabinetry, the marble island, the tile backsplash, even the walls and ceiling all boast the hue. With contrasting black hardware and glass globe pendant lighting, the space proves akitchen doesn't have to be boring.Continue to 6 of 36 below

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## Simple Updates Make a Big Impact
Brophy Interiors proves that simple changes can make a significant impact in a kitchen. Thechairs and expansive island certainly capture attention, but the geometric lighting pendants really shift the kitchen to a modern style. The finished result is a kitchen that feels brand-new.Continue to 7 of 36 below

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## Modern Take on the TraditionalKitchen
Here is a modern take on the traditionalkitchen by Brophy Interiors. The marble look countertops and backsplash add a chic edge. The gold statement lighting makes the space feel more contemporary. The wood cabinets, floating shelves, and greenery give the fresh,space visual warmth.Continue to 8 of 36 below

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## Retro Kitchen That Feels Fresh and Modern
Interior designer Burchard Design Co. knows how to blend retro with modern styles in this kitchen. The pops of green contrast well with thewalls, counters, and fridge. The squaretile backsplash and gold accents don't overpower the retro fridge and vintage chandeliereverything looks right at home.Continue to 9 of 36 below

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##Brick Wall Instead of Subway Tile
Abrick wall sets the tone in this chic, Scandinavian-inspired kitchen by Ashley Montgomery Design. Lower cabinets in a rich green add visual interest. The additional displays of wooden cutting boards and a piece of art leaning against the wall add a lovely charm. And the lighting? Mini candelabras surrounded by glass globes are truly eye-catching.Continue to 10 of 36 below

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## CombineWith Bold Colors
couples beautifully with every shade of the rainbow. Deep blue upper cabinets add zing to this tinykitchen by Brophy Interiors. Combined with the marble accents, the space feels elegant and daring without feeling overwhelming.Continue to 11 of 36 below

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## SophisticatedKitchen
Here is a sophisticatedkitchen by Ashley Montgomery Design. The gray island pops against the traditionalcabinetry. The subway tile backsplash is a luxurious touch.Continue to 12 of 36 below

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##Kitchen Bursting With Color
Colorful accents punch up thiskitchen by Erin Williamson Design. The backsplash contains pale blue and sandy brown colors and makes a striking statement against the surroundingcabinetry. The navy blue island also draws your attention with itscounter and shiny brass faucet.Continue to 13 of 36 below

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## Artistic Subway Tile

The subway tile backsplash in this kitchen by Ashley Montgomery Design had thin dark grout that embraces the textural aspect of the design. The added art piece and plant on the counter give an artistic feel to the space.Continue to 14 of 36 below

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## Scandinavian-Inspired Modern Kitchen
The interior design group, Brophy Interiors, created this Scandinavian-inspired, modern kitchen. Pattern tile covers the entire wall over the sink.globe lighting illuminates the island. The gray marble island and textured rug make the space feel relaxing.Continue to 15 of 36 below

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## ModernKitchen With Natural Materials
This kitchen by Brophy Interiors has a coastal vibe with its sleekcabinets and pale blue range hood. The rattan lighting and leather stools add a natural element, keeping the kitchen from feeling sterile.Continue to 16 of 36 below

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##In Kitchen
This gorgeous kitchen from Burchard Design Co. uses crispto cover the walls and upper cabinets while opting for a dark blue for the lower half. In the center, atable with fourbucket chairs blends perfectly with the room.Continue to 17 of 36 below

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##Kitchen With Plant Life
Thiskitchen from COTTAGE + SEA makes a narrow space feel much larger. The SMEG fridge adds some retro flair, while the various plants add a pop of color to the neutral color scheme.Continue to 18 of 36 below

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##Kitchen WithAppliances
While plenty ofkitchens may include silver appliances, that isn't the case in the renovation by D Burns Interiors. The fridge, stove, and dishwasher all share the samecolor as the cabinets and countertops, making for a seamless transition across the room.Continue to 19 of 36 below

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## SmallKitchen With Wallpaper
This small kitchen by Erin Williamson Design useswalls and ceiling to create the illusion of something larger. The pattern wallpaper accent wall draws your eye upwards while also adding interest. The black fridge, stove, and counters add plenty of contrast.Continue to 20 of 36 below

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##Chic Kitchen With Mint Accents
This kitchen by Michelle Berwick Design has several gorgeous aspects that create a chic atmosphere; the gold light pendants, the sleek cabinetry, the gold hardware, and the stunning backsplash, just to name a few. Yet the mint color for the lower cabinets only enhances the rest of these featuresit doesn't contrast strongly with thebut adds just the right amount of color.Continue to 21 of 36 below

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##Kitchen With Mixed Materials

This striking kitchen from Cathie Hong is an absolute dream. Thevertical tile backsplash, upper cabinets, and shiny countertops feel decidedly modern. The warm wood on the island and floating shelves create a nice contrast. Add the silver fridge and black faucet, and you get a slightly industrial yet elegant feel.Continue to 22 of 36 below

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##Kitchen With Gold Accents
and gold make an ideal team, especially in this space by Cathie Hong. The crispfeels fresh and invigorating and is complemented well by the gold hardware and geometric light fixtures.Continue to 23 of 36 below

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##Kitchen With Matte Gray Cabinets
This gorgeous space by Cathie Hong keeps things neutral with lower gray matte cabinets amongst a mostlycolor scheme. Floating wood shelves add textural interest, and the globe pendant statement lighting keeps the space feeling more modern than rustic.Continue to 24 of 36 below

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## Spacious ModernKitchen
This spacious kitchen by Cathie Hong is bathed infrom head to toe. The cabinets, island, counter, ceiling, and even the floor all share the sametone, giving the impression of a remarkably large area. The navy blue tile backsplash adds a small dose of color that helps to ground the space.Continue to 25 of 36 below

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##Kitchen With Pattern Tile Floor
with navy blue is always a great color combination. This kitchen by Charlie Interior Design is a stunning examplethe patterned blue andtile floor adds plenty of interest to the mostlyspace. The floor also ties together the blue island to the rest of the kitchen.Continue to 26 of 36 below

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##Kitchen With Marble Island
Another gorgeous kitchen from Charlie Interior Design showcases how wellcan work in this space, especially in the form of elegant marble. The large island is surrounded by a marble finish, adding a bit of elegance to a modern farmhouse-style space.Continue to 27 of 36 below

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##Kitchen WithLeather Seating
Design: Emily Henderson / /Photo: Tessa Neustadt
This chic kitchen by Emily Henderson pulls out all the stops for a modern feel: globe pendant lights, artwork on the wall, and gold hardware, just to name a few. While some kitchen seating at the bar or island tends to lean towards brown or tan neutrals, the leather chairs placed at the bar are alsocontinuing the use ofthroughout the space.Continue to 28 of 36 below

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## Modern Boho Kitchen
This kitchen by Esther Schmidt shows how to introduce modern boho elements into your space. Thecabinetry and counters make the room feel crisp and modernized, nu the inclusion of plant life, a neutral vintage rug, and rattan overhead lighting make this kitchen feel boho-chic in the best way.Continue to 29 of 36 below

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## AllEverything
A lovely modern kitchen designed by House of Chais understands the appeal of subtlety. Theupper cabinets, reflective backsplash, andappliances all effortlessly blend together.Continue to 30 of 36 below

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## ModernKitchen With Wood Accents
Another kitchen by House of Chais shows how well wood andwork together. The wood palette island contrasts perfectly against the backdrop ofcabinetry and tile backsplash. The muted blue lower cabinets add to the calming color scheme

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##Modern Kitchen With Arched Architecture
Modern styles often incorporate geometric shapes into the space, and this kitchen from House of Chais is no exception. While the walls, subway tile backsplash, counter, and cabinets all share the samehue, the carved-in arch allows for visual intrigue that keeps the space from feeling flat.Continue to 32 of 36 below

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## ModernKitchen With Statement Island
House of Harvee certainly knows how to make a statement in this modernkitchen. The matte finish on the cabinets and walls feels seamless and calming to look at. The island, on the other hand, makes a strong impression with its light pink tile. Thebackdrop of the kitchen allows it to truly stand out.Continue to 33 of 36 below

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## ModernKitchen With Beach Vibes
Thismodern kitchen by Jessica Nelson Design has a coastal feel with its wood-backed stools,and wood color scheme, and cone-shaped lighting. The fern plant as a centerpiece adds a little color.Continue to 34 of 36 below

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##Kitchen WithAppliances Built In
In this modern kitchen by Kendall Wilkinson Design, theappliances allow for a seamless transition that looks sleek and sophisticated. The fridge is built into the wall, and blends in smoothly with the cabinetsyou may not even notice if you're not paying attention.Continue to 35 of 36 below

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## ModernKitchen With Midcentury Vibes
Another kitchen designed by Kendall Wilkinson Design embraces midcentury pieces in the modernspace. The circular table and mod dining chairs feel right at home in the midst of the marble backsplash,cabinets, and silver hardware.Continue to 36 of 36 below

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## ModernKitchen With Arched Entryways
LeClair Decor keeps things simple yet chic in this kitchen. Thewalls, counter, and seating. contrasted with the navy blue island, feels understated yet elegant. The arched entryways add a contemporary addition to the rest of the features.