= Why I Stayed Single in College and Why You Should Too =

Hello ladies,
I've noticed a good portion of this sub is rather young (early twenties). I think it's so wonderful that my generation is getting wise to LV games

I'm going into my senior year in college, and I've been single throughout. Here are the reasons (and benefits) for and of staying single!
Your grades will be benefit. Yeah, Cs get degrees, but they don't get JDs or PhDs! They don't get scholarships! And they certainly don't get recommendations from professors who can get you a job in the industry! When you aren't fooling around with themen of our age group, you have more time to nail down your grades and get all of those things I just mentioned. Yourhealth will be much better.Whenever I get a crush (it happens, even though I don't act on it. I am, after all, human) my head gets all fuzzy and I lose my cherished clarity and rationality. When it goes away I feel so much better and more focused. Moreover, you won't have the stress your friends have, wondering where their LVB is and who he's cheating with. This goes hand in hand with number 1. Your physical health will be much better.Get up and go to the gym, even if it's just for a quick run. I promise you will feel so much better! Use the reward of feeling great as motivation to go. You will have more time to build your resume during college.I did internships during the school year, while taking at least 18 units. While some of my friends were goofing off on the weekend with their boyfriends, I had a side job along with those internships,in addition to a job during the week. If you are focused, disciplined, and LVB-free, you can do anything. You won't be tempted to take on a man project. Sis, you aren't Bobette the Builder. The ladies on the podcast a few weeks ago mentioned that men, 9 times out of 10, will discard you once they are successful. They think that you are afor dating them when they were. I used to think I could find a millionaire before he was a millionaire, but that is the biggest lie we have ever been told. The wasted time just isn't worth it. You will have the time to date yourself and become the woman you want to become.Take yourself to dinner. Enjoy a movie you have always wanted to see. Attend an activities-type class (I took fencing and LOVED IT). Read a book. Watch every video Anna Bey/Jamila Musayeva/insert etiquette specialist here has ever made. Learn how to cook properly, not the ramen you throw in your microwave. Level up your life You will have the time for quality female friendship.Men come and go, but a couple girlfriends can be for life! Vet them, and don't let pickmes into your inner circle. Follow the Ron Swanson rule: 1-3 good friends is sufficient. You will acquire a taste for the better things in life.I'm not talking about Chanel, monthlong vacations, or Michelin restaurants. I'm talking about developing a taste for independence and suffering no. I'm talking about looking into the rising sun of the dawn of your life and daring the universe, bring it on

Any other benefits? Please leave them below

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Where oh where was this sub when I was in college? 😭
We only get a few years of our lives to be young and in college. If you’re single during that time, the possibilities available to you are endless. If you waste your time with an NVM or LVM, you’re wasting precious years of your youth you will never ever get back. Plus, scrotes keep you from finding HVMs

To be fair, I spent 3 of the loneliest years of my life at university in the 90s. I made about 4 new (female) friends in total. I was too shy. I was intimidated by men as I was fresh out of a girls school and I hadn't seen a male my age since I left primary school. I used tomy lunch inside toilet cubicles because I didn't have theto sit alone at the varsity cafés. I LONGED to have someone to spend time with romantically. I realise I have dodged some bullets: I certainly graduated without any emotional drama but God, I was lonely back then

I agree, in college I didn’t have any boyfriends because my major was very intense and required a lot of work. I simply didn’t have time to meet guys! I’m glad I didn’t date much then because I got to spend a whole summer overseas working on an internship project and it really helped build my resume. If I had a boyfriend he might have not wanted me to be away from him for over three months. I also got to focus on building female friendships, while the friends I knew with boyfriends gotin and distracted by them. Some of them would also constantly complain about how awful and low value their boyfriends were
My group of college friends still gets together every now and then. When we start reminiscing, someone will say, “remember the time we went toand didThat was a blast.” And almost every time I don’t remember that because I wasn’t there

I was wasting my time trying to turn a jealous, controlling NVM into a decent human being. ☹️ Failed at that, too

Staying up all night texting guys is literally the biggest waste of your time at this age and the sleep deprivation will cause you to age like milk. My best friend who is such a catch and is so smart, pretty and funny burned through two long term relationships before the age of 25 and ither up so badly she now has severe depression and anxiety. It's just not worth it

I couldn’t agree more. I’m 23 and I’ve never had a romantic relationship. I did graduate undergrad with a 3.99 GPA and $0 in student debt due to scholarships. And I’m 1/4 of the way done with my MD. I also have amazing family and friend relationships. I couldn’t be happier about my decision to focus on myself and building a life I love for myself

Thank you for inspiring us with this post. I used to think my life would only be complete with a significant other, but I beg to differ now. While I do go on dates once in a while, I am enjoying singlehood as it grants me the freedom to focus entirely on my goals, health, and future, without a LVM coming to pull my world apart

that's amazing! proud of you. i'm 23 and still in community college. ☹ I had to take time off because of myhealth and i've just been working minimum wage jobs. I know I shouldn't compare myself to others but I feel likesometimes. I want to date during college but I want to focus on my studies too especially since i'm a couple years older
Financially, you’ll be better off. During college, you and your SO will be so broke, he’ll likely pull the 50/50 thing on you. I didn’t date anyone all through my two years of college, and it was glorious. I wasn’t broke and I had no one nagging me on what I should and shouldn’t spend my money on. Even after all that shopping, I did on weekends, I just had more money. However, during my last two years of college, I dated and it was costing me since he wanted 50/50 because we were both broke students. At the time, I thought it was fair since we’re both broke and it was about the connection that we had that was more important 🤡. I was so wrong, I had wasted more on couplethen I ever did alone. I had to dip into my savings where I was planning to buy a car. He was such a mooch. Whenever he found out I had some money leftover, he’d always say, “so I guess dinner’s on you?” Jokingly, but expected me to cover his half. He knew that I was saving up for a car, but he just wanted me to be careless by spending that money on him. When we broke up, I went into “saving mode”. Now, I have enough money for a used car and almost a downpayment for an apartment

This fall, I’m going to grad school and for sure I want to be single. No man is going tome into that vortex of financial instability

I wish I knew this before college Great post. I was soooo proud of being lauded in my friend group for always having an "interesting" dating life in reality it was aof guys who were wasting my time bc they knew they didnt have to do ANYTHING to get a hook up. I wasby hook up culture and the one bf I had in college, I had before I was independent and strong- I put up with serious abuse and ruined my grades,health, and friendships. I needed time tointo myself and set boundaries :(
Fabulous idea. This is also great because it pushes back on this idea that we need to find a husband in college and begin expiring past 22

I dated for about half of my time in college and was single the other half. My memories