= I'm not saying this is contradictory, because C-3PO doesn't deserve good manners. =

I guess it's just a mandatory good guy trait for Disney that every protagonist needs a droid friend that you can totally buy a toy of
I think it's interesting how, in these scenarios, it's always assumed that the people who treat the droids like tools are in the wrong and need to be enlightened

I wonder how Kathleen Kennedy would react if a person from medieval timesin her life and chastised her for treating Alexa with so little respect? She'd probably just laugh at thebackwards person talking to it as if it is a person

To be absolutely fair to Disney, in the scene in Empire thet were in a high stress situation and C3PO was being very pessimistic at the time (which makes sense considering his programming)

That being said, young Leia does irritate theout of me and Ihow "perfect" she is.