= SEC Public Release describing this new game-show campaign. The 30s gameshow spot with 'meme-stocks' is described in a very downplayed manner: "After the contestants make their choices, the video shows, in a fun and comedic way, the consequences of a good or a bad choice." =

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The only thing I find humorous about it is that they think it actually phases apes

Oh noooooo… Better get out now…. Wrong AGAIN

Held to $400+ a share and held all the way back down to $40 a share

They can’t match wits with apes. All that commercial translates to is… There’s a sale incoming… And, I get high on a good deal. It’s my drug of choice

See y’all on theMOON! 
Actually „successful“ communication is defined by many communicational scientists as a message being delivered to, understood and interpreted in the intended way by the receiver. I don’t think this message is being interpreted the way the SEC wanted to. I don’t think this is successful communication 😂
If they really wanted to help people make solid investments, they’d make shorting illegal and make the numbers transparent and traded on lit markets. Period.their public service gimmick BS. They’re the real clowns🤡 Actually, clowns at least look aton their own time

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