= Good manners are one of the few things in life that cost absolutely nothing…and yet so few people seem to have them. =

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Being civil and polite only invites other to take advantage of you. Not everyone deserves to be treated with civility

Not everyone deserves to be treated with civility — this is true. But everyone deserves the
*opportunity* to be treated with respect and civility. If *they* prove that they are not worthy, or undeserving…then all bets are off. But it’s entirely possible that being treated with politeness and respect is exactly what some people are missing in their lives, and we should not deny them that based solely on our ownpride

"Good manners" and "cost absolutely nothing" are misleading. What exactly counts as good manners evolves over time, and is never unanimous. And while certain social behaviors may not cost money, they can cost anxiety and social bandwidth that are limited finite resources for some people

It costs nothing to be civil and polite to one another

Now, I hope you have a great rest of your day!
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