r/MHRise - ⚔️ Greetings fellow hunters! Today we teach good manners to a hard-headed monster! 😉

r/90DayFiance - Bilal may be a jerk, but he's raised some good kids. They always came across as very polite and well mannered.

r/Showerthoughts - Good manners are one of the few things in life that cost absolutely nothing…and yet so few people seem to have them.

r/PollsAndSurveys - Do you think it is good manners to hug or kiss another person in greeting?

Good Manners

r/Superstonk - SEC Public Release describing this new game-show campaign. The 30s gameshow spot with 'meme-stocks' is described in a very downplayed manner: "After the contestants make their choices, the video shows, in a fun and comedic way, the consequences of a good or a bad choice."

r/Superstonk - I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS sympathetically sell my shares when something completely unrelated happens to another company ... It's just good manners.

r/memes - Good manners or equal rights?

Good Manners

r/MLS - [Campbell] Thread: During the first question of last night’s NYCFC post-game press conference, head coach Nick Cushing interrupted and then acted in an unprofessional manner towards a question asked by @msa_allen . You will not find this in the posted video as the club has trimmed that part out.