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 Who we are: 
 The Etiquette School of New York in Manhattan and Southampton was founded by Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick. Ms. Napier-Fitzpatrick founded the school to help foster the ideals of proper etiquette, good manners, and civil behavior; and to provide men and women with the polished social graces and confidence needed to achieve their goals in the social and professional arenas. 
 The Etiquette School of New York offers a comprehensive program of social etiquette and business protocol seminars and workshops. We conduct our life-changing, confidence-building, invaluable training programs for corporations and universities; meet privately with individuals for etiquette and manners coaching; and travel with our skills and equipment across the U.S.A. 
 Would you like to polish your personal brand for social and professional success? Would you like to be assured that your team has the poise, social graces, and etiquette knowledge to help your organization “outclass the competition?” We invite you to call us today. We will partner with you to help you achieve your goals. 
 What’s new: 
*Thank you so much for your wonderful and thoughtful seminar yesterday. Everyone on our team appreciated it and had a great experience. * *- *Corporate Client *Thank you again for your great informative training session. My colleagues and I enjoyed your presentation a lot and learned valuable insights that will enable us to outclass the competition.* * – *Corporate Client *“Many thanks for presenting another wonderful and educational session. The feedback we received from the students has been excellent thanks to your work
-Assistant Director of Graduate Student Affairs
*“Thank you very much for the valuable lessons, Patricia. I had fun while learning, and have already been using many of these guidelines at work this week *- *Social Success Makeover Finishing School for Adults Client *“The class on Saturday was amazing. Thank you so much! I wish I had taken it years ago. * *- *Social Success Makeover Finishing School for Adults Client