= A question of etiquette in regards to alternate jumps =

Hello Guys
I have recently been looking over jumps and have seen what I believe to be several missed opportunities for potent End Jump scenarios, those being:
Arifrureta: From commonplace to the Word’s strongest
That time I got reincarnated as a Slime [Either Jump]
Mushoku Tensei
Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody
Misfit of the Demon king Academy
All of these settings involve confrontations with god-level entities at the least by the end of the canon, significantly before the end in the case of Misfit, but provide no option to gain the spark from these herculean feats

I’ve been more of a lurker here since I found the Subreddit and haven’t really considered creating jumps until now, I have looked into the rules as stated on the Jumpchain wiki, however, Seeing as there are several series with multiple jumps by different authors I assume there have been changes to accepted conventions

So my main question stemming from this is, what is the proper forum etiquette regarding this sort of issue? Would I be better off searching out the creators of these jumps and DMing them my suggestions with as much detail as possible? Asking their permission to create my own interpretation of the jump with the aforementioned scenarios included, or is it permissible to just push ahead in creating my variants of the jumps in Question?
I’ve also considered a few others that could be grounds for an end jump scenario:
Overlord the series, if the Scenario requires you to oppose Nazarick with only current jump powers or a restored/upgraded Nazarick with your full power

Infinite Dendrogram, which would be an original and as far as I’m aware unclaimed Jump with some interesting potential for perks and scenarios

If you're going to edit someone else's work, you'll need to get permission for that

You don't need to ask at all if you're not using anything someone else created. IE, you create your own jump for that setting from scratch and write whatever you want in it

Or you could make an end jump supplement. You'd have a list of settings and end jump scenarios in it for those settings. Someone can use it to use your specific end jumps

Thanks for the clarification, if I went with the first route it would have just been me sending them a DM as suggestions rather than trying to edit their work. I would never mess with someone else's Jump document unless it was a WIP and they were specifically asking for advice/critique.

Or you could make an end jump supplement. You'd have a list of settings and end jump scenarios in it for those settings. Someone can use it to use your specific end jumps

This is probably the easiest way of doing it..

Personally been considering making a doc with my own additions to jumps in a similar way, as it's not in any way a rewrite or new jump, but rather just me coming up with a few additions that felt like they were missing, like in the HP jump, specialisations for the various magic disciplines felt extremely missing

I don't know how others would feel about it, but I think that you can use, not copy or claim credit for, but use the document you want to use that's made by someone else, and then just add in your own end scenario to it but only for your self use, like one time use for your chain. Definitely dont share it or claim credit for the other work. Honestly, I just consider it a written form of fanwanking since it is basically the same thing

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