= does UCLA offer free web hosting? =

basically the title but I was just wondering if UCLA has free web hosting through either a UCLA service or any student deals with popular website hosting sites like wix or webflow? I know that certain departments have their own web hosting services for class/lab work (such as humspace for digital humanities), but I was just interested in setting up a personal website for fun and wanted to know if there was anything available for that:)
For context, I know that there are a ton of free hosting options out there - I just already have a custom domain name that I'd like to use and I'm struggling to find a hosting service to let me link my domain name to my site for free. I know that adobe portfolio is technically free with our student access to creative cloud, but it's not the most customizable website builder and I was wondering if there's anything better out there. I'm also fairly new to building websites in general, so any relevant info helps!

Yes, actually. It's really hidden and it's honestly legacy so they might discontinue it at any moment, but here: httpsucla.service-now.com/support?id=kb_article&sys_id=KB0013207 . Note: it does NOT support https, which is a huge dealbreaker imo

You must upload raw html, but you can find many templates online or use google sites and use google takeout to get the html files for instance

If you want free static web hosting that'll last beyond being a student and use your custom domain, look into using cloudflare pages

You should also sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack which is free for students and gives you access to the pro version of GitHub and aof other developer services including web hosting and domains
Yeah, Linux User's Group offers free website hosting with a UCLA domain, and filesharing and emails

discord link: httpsdiscord.gg/RpQMs987
website link: httpslinux.ucla.edu/index.html
Come join us! You don't need to be a Linux User
I've had a positive experience with Webflow